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Women surgeon coaching with Dr. Ellie Kraft

Women surgeons, you CAN have an amazing life in and out of the operating room. 

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You FINALLY accomplished your dream of being a surgeon!

But why does it feel like now that you've "arrived" there is so much surgical training left out. Things like managing this new surgeon paycheck, negotiating a contract, choosing a job, starting investing, buying a house, paying off your debt, managing imposter syndrome, fitting in family, it's so so much to learn. And FINALLY you have some time and there are no excuses left... you need to own your future and set up your attending life on purpose. How do you take off the weight you gained in training? How do you manage this new big pay check? How do you catch up to all the life things your non-medical friends have been doing for years? And everyone assumes you have it all figured out because you are a surgeon, so they assume you know how to manage your life, your relationships, your health, your job and your money.

But we don't! We have so little training on all of these topics and have put so many things on hold "until we finish fellowship or residency". 

That's what I'm here to help you with. I can help you set up your BEST life. And help you create a beautiful future that you deserve. 


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About me. 

Hi, I'm Dr. Ellie Kraft, a breast cancer surgeon and money/life and health coach, which in the coaching world we just call a life coach, and an ex-New Yorker, working and living in California.

So why am I here? Let's go back, it was 2022 and I was interviewing for jobs and assuming all those "adult things" I had ignored during my training would magically be fixed once I had a big paycheck.  I assumed with the title of attending, I would magically just know what do with all my med school debt, understand a 401K, know how to invest,  fix any relationship problems that came from 6+ years of working 80 hours per week and putting my family second.  

It doesn't take much to guess, that was NOT what happened. How do I negotiate? What are benefits, what do I even ask about? I luckily had worked as a financial analyst prior to going to med school but that knowledge was 10+ years old and I hadn't thought about finance in a minute, so it wasn't as foreign to me as some of my colleagues but I still never learned personal finance. But I thought to myself, I completed general surgery residency, I can do anything and I'm pretty smart. I had a finance podcast in my ear at all times, read 30+ books on business, personal finance, financial feminism, and personal development and then was doing by best to apply it. I  started a podcast called the Self-Care Surgeons, to discuss the issues that were happening as women surgeons and share about the things I was rapidly learning. 

But after my co-host had a baby, I stopped to really think hard about the direction of the podcast and I wanted to go deeper, into why these decisions and things were so hard to actually practice. And that's when I discovered Brooke Castillo and the Life Coach School. I saw some OBGYN's, and family med and derm doctors that had gone through her training and were now coaching physicians, but I didn't see any surgeons up there. So, I joined her program and ever since have been learning about "life coaching" or managing our mind. I've made more breakthroughs and changed more habits over the last year  than the last 13 years, this stuff works. I have paid off 40K in debt, stopped over-drinking, overeating,  overspending, have a positive relationship with my money,  am growing my wealth, managing my urges, improve my relationships and eat consistently what my higher self wants me to eat, without starving myself or being on a crash diet.

Of all the hard working people out there, women surgeons have already broken down so many barriers, we deserve to know the secrets of how the most successful men and women up-level themselves and that's what I am going to share with you all.  

Once I saw this worked, I needed to teach other women surgeons how to apply this incredible stuff and have EVERYTHING they deserve, and an amazing life in and out of the operating room.  So come work with me and let me show you the way, I am here for you!

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