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Women surgeon coaching with Dr. Ellie Kraft


I work with  women surgeons who want to efficiently create personal and financial wealth: so that they can take back ownership of their time, money and health.

Working with me, as your  coach, means you will..

- Learn to have your money work for you instead of trading time for money (ex. taking more call)

- Designate effective time in your busy schedule for your success: professionally, personally and financially

- Create your best life inside and out of the OR


If you're ready to take the next step, schedule a FREE 30-minute discovery call.


Schedule a Discovery Call

If you're ready to get control of your time, money and health, schedule your free 30-minute discovery call. 

1-on-1 coaching

Schedule a free call 30-minute discovery call to see if you are ready to fast track control of your time, money and personal development in the next stage of your life as a surgeon.

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You FINALLY accomplished your dream of becoming an attending surgeon!


But why does it feel like now that you've "arrived" there is so much surgical training left out. Things like managing this new surgeon paycheck, negotiating a contract, choosing a job, starting investing, buying a house, paying off your debt, managing imposter syndrome, fitting in family, it's so so much to learn. And FINALLY you have some time and there are no excuses left... you need to own your future and set up your attending life on purpose.


How do you take off the weight you gained in training?


How do you manage this new big pay check?


How do you catch up to all the life things your non-medical friends have been doing for years?


And everyone assumes you have it all figured out because... you are a surgeon, so they assume you know how to manage your life, your relationships, your health, your job and your money.


But we don't! We have so little training on all of these topics and have put so many things on hold "until we finish fellowship or residency". 


That's what I'm here to help you with. I can help you set up your RICH life. A rich life doesn't just mean you make more money, although that is a big part of it. What are the most valuable assets on Earth? Health... time freedom AND keeping more of your well-deserved money...  and if you are working yourself to the bone and not taking care of yourself it doesn't matter how much money you have.  I can help you create a beautiful future that you deserve that doesn't mean taking more call or trading time for money.  


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About me. 


I like to think back to myself just before finsihing fellowship, I was exhausted but excited and so ready to finally be the boss and be the star of the show. But there's one problem I never thought about- no one ever taught us/me how the star actually lives their lives... how they manage their stress, their money, how they bill or negotiate, how they take care of themselves, how they manage to work out or stay in shape, how they balance family? How much money should we save or invest or how much debt do we pay off? How do I manage my time most efficiently- the clinic asks you how you want you day to be? Why do other doctors take charts home with them or come in on weekends to finish charting?  How do you want your OR to run, who needs to help you? The list goes on and on of the questions that flood our brains as soon as we shift from trainee mode to attending mode or supportive roll to BOSS mode. 


I had all the same questions swirling through my own head as a new attending surgeon. But when I saw that PASSED notification on my oral general surgery boards, I knew I was out of excuses and needed to buck up and learn how to be a boss, and consumed everything I could get my hands on about negotiation, personal finance, health, wellness, and managing my mind. Since starting this journey, I have read 43 of the top books on personal finance and personal development, I listen to a podcast on these topics at least 1+ hours per day and receive coaching 1-2 hours per week, I also work out nearly every day, I have a meal plan I stick to, have stopped over-drinking, over-spending, under-earning and life every day on purpose, I no longer let life just happen to me. 


I want to mention an all too familiar story that all of us know of what can happen if we aren't intentional about setting up our attending life. There is a surgeon who has been practicing for 5+ years, they have a family, they have barely touched their med-school debt, they have amped up their lifestyle, they are over-spending, they can't eat healthy, they can't find time to exercise, they bring charts home on the nights/weekends, and they have to take more and more call to maintain their lifestyle. Is this the future you want? 


When we design our attending surgeon life, we can find time freedom from money (where we DON'T have to take more call), can make practicing medicine optional even if that's what you want, find financial freedom, build a strong/healthy body, get out of debt and build exactly the life we want. 


And I didn't do all of that reading/learning to watch my peers suffer, I want to bring you along with me so we can be the strongest, most well-balanced, forces of women surgeons to date. I did all of this work so I could save you all TIME and share the cheat codes I have been learning from these experts on living a life on purpose that have sped up my growth and success to lightening speed, it makes sense why all the most successful people in the world have coaches, we need can't see our own blind spots. 


In just 3 months- I guarantee I can help you create more time in your day, set up a plan for your money and/or debt payoff, set aside time for your health/wellness and start building the habits that support your best life. 


If you want the same, these are the next steps: 

1. Schedule a free discovery call

2. Get a custom plan to hit your goals

3. Enjoy the benefits of a great life inside and out of the OR

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I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night